5 Companies I would LOVE to work for

Hello everyone, Since my senior year as started, I have started to think about my future every living minute. I, thankfully, have not been asked about what my plans are after graduation. Because to be honest, I have NO clue. All I know is that I would love to work for a well-known company. I […]

List of MY Favorite K-Dramas

Hello, Today is a very special day! I will be talking about a TV genre that I have gotten a chance to explore. For the past year, I have been watching Korean Dramas. I have been sucked into the Hallyu Wave, if you must call it. Korean Culture is slowly growing day-by-day in the United […]


Hello everyone, As you know, I am currently a junior in the Business Administration program. I have reached a point in my life where I stress. I mean STRESS. Everyone around me is either graduating or getting ready to begin their last year in college. I have started to looking into fields/sector, I would like […]


Wuddup everyone, it’s ya girllll Superwoman… (Just Kidding…) Today, I want to talk about an influencer that has pretty much influenced my life: Superwoman. I started watching Superwoman my freshmen year of high school. I was really just discovering social media around that time. (Yes, I wasn’t allowed to be on social media. My parents […]