I met Travis Porter!

Hello Everyone,

After a VERYYYYY long week of finals, I have gotten a chance to sit down and write about meeting Travis Porter. I was fortunate enough to get to work Warrior Day. I know there have been many negative comments about Warrior Day but I loved working Warrior Day. I enjoyed every moment. I was the social media and photographer of the event so, I got to be in the pit for a decent amount of time to record the artist. I took pictures of the first act that preformed called Gotcha Covered. They are a local group that cover pop music. I really liked hearing their version of everything! The next act was a banda whose name I can not pronounce. But, they got the crowd moving, and excited for our headliners Travis Porter.

Travis Porter started to preform later in the day. I like to call them the 2008 Migos. The Migos before the Migos.  I like to say I had 2 favorite moments from meeting Travis Porter.

  1. When Strap first came out he threw water at the crowd but it didn’t really hit the crowd just your homegirl. I had water all over my shirt, hair, inside my eyes, and sadly on my camera. THANKFULLY, my camera was OK! No damage was done to the camera.

  1. I got to meet and take pictures with Travis Porter. They were all really nice. I just thought that they were going to be funny but they were kinda Shy? They all had their own personality tho.

I kinda got a feel for what I would love to do in the future!

All right guys! This will be my last post until next semester but until then! Love ya <3

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