Female Music Artists that have influenced me

Music has been a huge part of me. I have been interested in music since I can even remember. I grew up most of life listening to Punjabi music that my mom would play when cleaning the house. The only times, I would listen to english music is when Christmas would come around and my elementary school would make us preform Jingle Bells. It wasn’t until middle school when I started to listen to english music. The first song I remember was Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne. I got into choir in middle school and started to work on my vocals. In high school, I quit choir for a year to go explore other things. I realized very quick I enjoyed being able to sing and listen to music once a day so I got back into choir in high school. I would love to be able to work in music one day and enjoy my life everyday!

The reason I would like to be able to work in music is because of these key people:

Christina Aguilera – I don’t feel like I even have to explain myself on this one. She has been an icon for everyone with how insane her vocal are. She is the reason I started to work on my vocal because I wanted to sound decent when I attempt to sing and not sound like a dying cat. [Favorite Song – Beautiful]

Beyonce- She was the first colored woman to me that amazed people with her singing and not letting color get in-between art. She taught me how be confident in myself and not worry about my color. [Favorite Song – If I were a Boy]

Shakira – She was the first woman that created a song that wasn’t in English and made it to pop list! I started to appreciate that hispanic  culture because of Shakira. [Favorite Song – Chantaje]

Miley Cyrus  – Hannah Montana was my favorite tv show as a early teen. I took a lot of inspiration from her that I still use to this day. (Also, I loved her crazy phase, showed a different side of her) [Favorite Song –  Nobody’s Perfect]

Little Mix – They are a girl group that comes from Britain, they shaped me during my high school years. They all are pretty different from each other that makes them very successful and their voices are AMAZING. They are my generation’s Destiny’s Child. [Favorite Song – Towers]

I will create a blog one day on all the music artist I like too. So stay tuned for more!

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