Hello everyone,

As you know, I am currently a junior in the Business Administration program. I have reached a point in my life where I stress. I mean STRESS. Everyone around me is either graduating or getting ready to begin their last year in college. I have started to looking into fields/sector, I would like to go into. I would love to work for a PR Firm or Music Industry.

If there is something everyone can agree about, is me obsessing over my future and ways to improve myself. I am an older child so I have many worries. I am also an Indian child that didn’t go into the Medical field so my struggles are doubled. A way I don’t lose my mind about my future is looking up jobs posting and learning ways I can improve myself to fit that job posting. I tend to use Indeed the most. Indeed shows me the requirements and job details. I tend to look for jobs in the Silicon Valley because I need a change. (I have always lived in the Central Valley and dream about living in a big city with roommates.) 

I tend to Google entry-level marketing jobs. Indeed is the one that shows up very often. Once I open Indeed, I filter to a location: San Fransisco Bay Area, CA. Then, I look into jobs that are meant for recent college graduates. In my field, the skills that pop up the most is graphic design. I have been trying to learn Graphic Designing. I have been pretty successful in learning using Youtube as guide. I have learned that I will need an internship for a year to show some experience which I have been slowly developing. I learn about skill sets everyday so I try my best to master them as soon as possible.

It is a weird habit of mine but I recommend it to students that are in fields that jobs can be hard to find.

Bye <3

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