Stereotypes about Indians

hello everyone, Today, I wanted to talk about something that I’ve gotten tired of hearing. I don’t hear it often but it gets on my nerves whenever I do. Stereotypes is something that hasn’t gone away in 2019 America. I would love if people were more knowledgeable about diversity that the United States is known […]

5 Companies I would LOVE to work for

Hello everyone, Since my senior year as started, I have started to think about my future every living minute. I, thankfully, have not been asked about what my plans are after graduation. Because to be honest, I have NO clue. All I know is that I would love to work for a well-known company. I […]

My Summer 2019

Welcome Back Warriors! I hope your summer break was fun & I hope everyone is adjusting well to their new schedule. It has been a few busy weeks for me, coming back to school for my senior year. My first blog for my senior year is My Hectic Summer! During May 2019, I started a […]

I met Travis Porter!

Hello Everyone, After a VERYYYYY long week of finals, I have gotten a chance to sit down and write about meeting Travis Porter. I was fortunate enough to get to work Warrior Day. I know there have been many negative comments about Warrior Day but I loved working Warrior Day. I enjoyed every moment. I […]

Warrior Day 2019

Hello & Happy Easter! It is exciting to announce that we will have Travis Porter come perform for us this May on Warrior Day! I actually work for ASI (Our Student Government) so I will be helping out during Warrior Day! I am very excited to meet The┬áMigos before The Migos. A lot of student […]

List of MY Favorite K-Dramas

Hello, Today is a very special day! I will be talking about a TV genre that I have gotten a chance to explore. For the past year, I have been watching Korean Dramas. I have been sucked into the Hallyu Wave, if you must call it. Korean Culture is slowly growing day-by-day in the United […]


Hello everyone, As you know, I am currently a junior in the Business Administration program. I have reached a point in my life where I stress. I mean STRESS. Everyone around me is either graduating or getting ready to begin their last year in college. I have started to looking into fields/sector, I would like […]